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Sunday School

The Go Teach teaching programme is in a four year cycle. 

The syllabus is designed to:

  • cover all appropriate, major Bible characters, events and teaching

  • give all ages the same topics most of the time

  • give some OT and some NT lessons in each issue

  • give some lessons from the Gospels in each issue

  • teach the OT and Acts chronologically

  • cover the Gospels in mainly chronological stages

In the 3's to 4's (Beginners) there is some repetition of basic lessons within the teaching cycle. More than 90% of the lessons are on the same topic as 5s-7s and 8s-11s. 

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The 5's to 7's (Primaries) & 8's to 11's (Juniors) programmes are the same, except for very rare occasions when it is more appropriate for 5s-7s to follow 3s-4s. 

Go Teach materials are based on the New International Version of the Bible, but are designed to be as helpful to users of the Authorised (King James) Version as possible. Teacher's notes and lesson outlines take account of any significant differences between the two versions, and the children's activity sheets are planned so that they can be completed using either NIV or AV.


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